Torontonians Don't Want Sankofa; Trudeau Troubles Continue in Suburbs

Posted by David Valentin
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Torontonians Don't Want Sankofa; Trudeau Troubles Continue in Suburbs
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January 8, 2024 (Toronto, ON) – A new Liaison Strategies poll for the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC) shows an overwhelming number of Torontonians, 71%, disapprove or renaming Yonge-Dundas Square to Sankofa Square.The poll also finds a small increase for new Ontario Liberal Leader Bonnie Crombie, while the Trudeau Liberals are in trouble in Scarborough and Etobicoke.

Conducted from January 2-3, 2024, using interactive voice response technology, the poll surveyed 831 Toronto residents. The margin of error for the poll is +/- 3.39%, 19 times out of 20. Liaison is a member of the Canadian Insights Research Council (CRIC)."

Our previous polling in October of 2023 found there was support for renaming Dundas street (54%) though that dropped when respondents were informed of the cost (to 42%). The question was always going to be though - what would Dundas street be renamed to? In the end, council opted to rename Yonge-Dundas Square and some subway stations," said David Valentin, principal of Liaison Strategies.

"There is slim support though for renaming Yonge-Dundas to Sankofa. Instead, there is widespread disapproval from every demographic and every Toronto borough. The name performs best downtown (17% approval) but even there 69% disapprove of the name change. Across the city 71% disapprove of the move."

"Each Toronto poll we take a look at mayoral approval ratings for Olivia Chow and while she continues to perform very well citywide some cracks are beginning to form. Her approval rating is 71% this month (-4 from October) but in Etobicoke Chow is down to 55% approval vs 32% disapproval. It's definitely a number we will be keeping an eye on to see if this trend continues."

"Provincially, Bonnie Crombie is seeing a small increase (+1%) in Toronto and the Ontario Liberals are leading in Downtown, Etobicoke and Scarborough from our previous survey in October. It's a small bounce but they have gone from leading in two regions, to three, turning a tie in downtown with the NDP (35% each) to a small lead (37% to 32%)."

"Lastly, the Trudeau Liberals continue to face challenging numbers. While they won every seat in Toronto in the last election, it is unlikely that would be the case this time around, particularly in Etobicoke where they trail the Conservatives by 10% and Scarborough where they hold a 1% lead. Only in downtown do they have a comfortable lead as support is split between the Conservatives and the NDP," concluded Valentin.


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